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For over 50 years, Total Signs has been providing signs and service to the community. From small businesses, churches, and social groups to P.O.P. display manufacturers, advertising and promotion companies, wholesalers, and liquidators, we can fulfill your requirements. Our complete computer processed graphics facilities will see that your order, whether large or small, will be produced accurately and on time.

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Property Managers

Full service of parking light poles, building lights, all signage, fluorescents to LEDs, new tenant interior and exterior signage, paint existing sign structures. Licensed bucket trucks along with over-the-wall capabilities to service signs on top of buildings.

Independent Businesses

We will design, supply permit drawings, apply for permits, obtain engineer stamps if required, manufacture and install. Full colour digital printing on various substrates. Full start-to-finish production. We will also re-locate existing signage. Lease programs available.

Sign Shops

Wholesale prices on manufacturing, installation, and design. We will provide all permit drawings, engineer stamps, and we will make application for permits if required. We also supply stand-offs, fastening hardware, poles and brackets, along with decorative exterior lighting for signage.