Custom Cut Acrylic

Total Signs custom cuts Acrylic into Letters, Logo's, Plaques, Crest - whatever the customer desires, in varieties of sizes and thicknesses.

We have a vast variety of colours to choose from.
Need a specific Corporate colour? NO Problem! We can match it with our custom painting abilities. Acrylic holds custom paint jobs beautifully in outside conditions.

We can Adhere Metal Laminates adding a sharp metal finish to any acrylic letter, logo; etc.
Total Signs PLASTIC STANDOFFS & SCREWS work specifically better in outdoor conditions due to special adhesives used.

Check out our photo's for idea's and designs, then give us a call or send us a email for further consultation. We'll make a sign that works for you.

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Acrylic is an ideal material for sign lettering and logo's outside. It doesn't wear in indoor or outdoor conditions. Whether we use custom paint or adhere a metal laminate, the results are the same. Total Signs will custom cut any size, with any thickness. We want to create a sign that is just right for you and your budget.

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Aluminum Letters

Here at Total Signs, we can create anything out of Aluminum.  Our fabricators are some of the most talented in the business; specializing in aluminum letters, plaques, pylon signs, channel letters and the list goes on...

As Sign manufacturers we love aluminum because it paints up great! We can apply any colour directly to the surface and it will sustain its vibrant look in any outdoor condition.

View the website to see samples of  our aluminum letters and plaques.

Send us an email or contact us by phone. We will be happy to assist you in with all your signage needs.

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Sign installers love Aluminum Letters for two main reasons: they paint up great and they hold up excellent outside! Total Signs can custom cut aluminum letters, paint them, apply any sort of laminate desired.

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Metal Laminate Finishes

Total Signs supplies 9 standard metal laminates
* Brushed Copper * Brushed Aluminum * Dark Bronze Satin
* Brushed Brass * Stainless Aluminum * Satin Aluminum
* Brass Antique Mirror * Light Bronze Satin * Gold Satin Aluminum

Here at Total Signs, we can apply any metal laminate to any one of our substrates, acrylic, PVC or aluminum.

The metal laminates really add a certain sophistication to any signage, without all that high end pricing.

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Metal Laminates give any signage a boost of refinement when applied to our substrates. Our laminates are solid metals, using only the highest quality of aluminum. Available in polished, brushed, and stain finishes. Here at Total Signs, we are sure that you will be impressed with our unique fabrication abilities.

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Custom Cut PVC

PVC material can be easily Cut, Laminated, Glued, Drilled, Nailed or Screwed. It's versatile with interior and exterior usage and can come in a variety of colours & thicknesses.

We can Adhere Metal Laminates and Vinyl adding either a sharp metal finish or specific detail and creativity with our wide variety of vinyl colours.

Total Signs' PLASTIC STANDOFFS & SCREWS work better in outdoor conditions due to special adhesives used.

We at sign partner have a full machine shop. We are equipped to handle any type of cutting design desired. Logo's, Letter's, crest, etc.

Take a look at our photos and give us a call with any questions or request. We'll be happy to hear from you.

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PVC materials can be custom cut to size and finished in a wide variety of colours. Metal Laminates and vinyl allow for truly custom designs. Total Signs will help assess your project so you get what is best suited for you.

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