Custom Cut Acrylic

Total Signs custom cuts Acrylic into Letters, Logo's, Plaques, Crest - whatever the customer desires, in varieties of sizes and thicknesses.

We have a vast variety of colours to choose from.
Need a specific Corporate colour? NO Problem! We can match it with our custom painting abilities. Acrylic holds custom paint jobs beautifully in outside conditions.

We can Adhere Metal Laminates adding a sharp metal finish to any acrylic letter, logo; etc.
Total Signs PLASTIC STANDOFFS & SCREWS work specifically better in outdoor conditions due to special adhesives used.

Check out our photo's for idea's and designs, then give us a call or send us a email for further consultation. We'll make a sign that works for you.

Acrylic is an ideal material for sign lettering and logo's outside. It doesn't wear in indoor or outdoor conditions. Whether we use custom paint or adhere a metal laminate, the results are the same. Total Signs will custom cut any size, with any thickness. We want to create a sign that is just right for you and your budget.

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