Custom Cut PVC

PVC material can be easily Cut, Laminated, Glued, Drilled, Nailed or Screwed. It's versatile with interior and exterior usage and can come in a variety of colours & thicknesses.

We can Adhere Metal Laminates and Vinyl adding either a sharp metal finish or specific detail and creativity with our wide variety of vinyl colours.

Total Signs' PLASTIC STANDOFFS & SCREWS work better in outdoor conditions due to special adhesives used.

We at sign partner have a full machine shop. We are equipped to handle any type of cutting design desired. Logo's, Letter's, crest, etc.

Take a look at our photos and give us a call with any questions or request. We'll be happy to hear from you.

PVC materials can be custom cut to size and finished in a wide variety of colours. Metal Laminates and vinyl allow for truly custom designs. Total Signs will help assess your project so you get what is best suited for you.

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