Channel Letters

Channel Letters are very popular in the sign and advertising industries. They are considered at the highest level of visible signage out there, with a sincere level of professionalism.

Channel Letters have a lot of room for customizing. Clients can choose any font, size or colour.

Adding perforated vinyl to the faces allows one colour during the day and when illuminated at night, a new colour can shine through.

Property managers and builders are specking them in today’s leases, due to the growth in use.

Illuminating channel letters with LED LIGHTS is the new, preferred choice in the industry rather than using neon or fluorescent tube lighting. They’re more energy efficient, BRIGHTER and have a greater level of durability/lifespan.

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Illuminated Channel Letters are a great way to advertise any business today. Due to customized sizes, fonts and colours, channel letters become very attractive to the eye capturing potential clients.

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Exterior Tensioned Banner Brackets

Exterior tension wall banner brackets are sold as two piece system (top and bottom) to fit 3 standard maximum* banner widths:

A) 16” Wide Banner

B) 24” Wide Banner

C) 30” Wide Banner

*Brackets are listed by ‘maximum’ banner width and can work for smaller width banners.

Total Signs’ banner tension design is revolutionary for exterior banners. The banner sleeve sits above the arm, the screws on each end allow for banner tightening once installed. This system also prevents the banner from sliding off the end of the banner poles and can easily be adjusted.

The standard brackets can come raw or in finished black.

Custom sizes and colours available upon request, 30% charge will be added.

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Total Signs’ custom built Banner Brackets are a professional, durable and easily installed system for banner advertisements.

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Post and Panels

Total Signs’ Post and Panels work great as an exterior directional sign or address sign. They are clientele friendly and add a sense of professionalism to any business.

The aluminum or steel posts are sure to last and will look nice outside for a long time.

We install brackets on posts which make for easy sign installation.

Our standard post sizes are 8ft, 10ft & 12ft in length. The standard mounting brackets come in 22in, 30in & 40in lengths.

Both pieces are sold in black, white, silver or raw/unfinished. Custom colours and sizes are available upon request.

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Posts and panels signs are great for any business providing a high end architectural look without the high end price. They are perfect for applying vinyl or digitally printed graphics.

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Pylon Signs

Total Signs’ full machine shop is fully equipped to handle even the largest of jobs. We manufacture and fabricate right here on site. Total Signs can do the whole job!  From the development of artwork to the building of the sign and the completion of the installation; we are by your side to ensure that you get the amazing sign you envisioned for your business.

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Check out our array of pylon signs we have manufactured and installed.

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