Channel Letters

Channel Letters are very popular in the sign and advertising industries. They are considered at the highest level of visible signage out there, with a sincere level of professionalism.

Channel Letters have a lot of room for customizing. Clients can choose any font, size or colour.

Adding perforated vinyl to the faces allows one colour during the day and when illuminated at night, a new colour can shine through.

Property managers and builders are specking them in today's leases, due to the growth in use.

Illuminating channel letters with LED LIGHTS is the new, preferred choice in the industry rather than using neon or fluorescent tube lighting. They're more energy efficient, BRIGHTER and have a greater level of durability/lifespan.

Illuminated Channel Letters are a great way to advertise any business today. Due to customized sizes, fonts and colours, channel letters become very attractive to the eye capturing potential clients.

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