V-400 Plastic Standoff

* The V-400 Standoff is a Plastic perforated Pad
* Size is 1.5'' Diameter, total length 13/32'' with a 3/16'' hole to receive Stud (25.4mm diameter, length 10 mm with a 4.7mm hole)
* Easy to install due to Open Ended Threading  meaning that part of the pin inserts into the letter so when mounting your paper pattern will line up exactly.

$0.25 CAD each

*tax and delivery not included*

Total Signs' V-400 plastic Standoff pads create a dynamic look to any cut-out letter (acrylic, PVC or aluminum), interior and exterior. Comparably cheaper than any leading competitor while maintaining the same structure as well as durability. *Easy to Install*

Price: $0.00