Property Managers

Here are just a few of the products and services that Total Signs offers to help assist you in keeping your property running efficiently and looking professional while maintaining tenant satisfaction:

New Signage


Northview: Ground Address Sign

Greenwin: Wall Address Sign

  • Design, manufacturing, and installation of any interior and exterior signage
  • In the ground or on-the-wall we can do it all!
  • Identify and direct in a professional manner







Existing Signage


The Oaks Pylon Sign: Before


The Oaks Pylon Sign: After

  • Graphics Change-Over and Vinyl Overlays
  • Re-locate signage to new location
  • Remove old signage
  • Paint and repair existing sign structures
  • Give old signs a much needed ‘face lift’







L.E.D. Conversion


L.E.D. Conversion at Shop


L.E.D. Conversion On-Site

  • Fluorescent Lamps to L.E.D conversion
  • Efficient and Long-Lasting
  • Saves you money on electricity bill
  • Needs servicing less often
  • Cleaner, brighter light







Light Servicing


Parking Lot Pole Service


Repelling to Service a Sign

  • Licensed bucket trucks along with over-the-wall capabilities to service signs on top of buildings
  • Security, parking lot, building and signage lighting can all be changed
  • Never be left in the dark again!








Total Signs also provides all ‘permit’ drawings, engineer stamps, and complete permit applications!

For more information on these products and services, please contact us with any questions!

For more photographs of our finished jobs and capabilities, click here to view our portfolio!