Sign Installation

Total Signs installation team installs all of the signs manufactured in our shop. We also offer our installation team to other sign shops who need a reliable team to assist with their installs.

LED Retrofit

A LED retrofit is the practice of replacing existing lamps or neon tubes with Low voltage LEDs and power supplies. 
 Benefits include: 
1. Reduced Energy Used (Lowers Electricity Bills) 
2. Reduced Maintenance (Longer Lasting Parts) 
3. Improved Lighting Quality (Brighter than Lamps & Neon) 
The Ontario government offers grants and rebates to help offset costs of retrofits. 

Sign Repair

Signs need repairing for a variety of reasons- from weather, lifespan, accidents etc. We can assist you with this problem. We are equipped to work at heights and have the required insurance and WSIB requirements.

Vinyl Decals

Design, print and install custom vinyl decals for work vehicles, store windows etc.

CNC Routing

Our CNC machine cuts a variety of different materials, quickly and efficiently. We accommodate a wide range of digital formats. Contact Total Signs to see how we can assist with your CNC Routing needs.